Plug and Abandonment

EEST Energy Services (Thailand) Limited has successfully and safely completed Plug and Abandonment for more than 430 wells and still counting. With professional experiences of our crews and units, no matter where you are in the world, we can mobilize to serve you there.      

We are a leader in offshore well abandonment and is frequently called upon to provide original services and equipment to meet the needs of challenging locations. We design and contract-build unit, Rigless Plug and Abandonment equipment and utilize hydraulic cold cutting equipment which is uniquely modeled in Southeast Asia. Our cutting equipment can also be used for subsea projects such as cutting jacket legs and pipelines and can be operated either by Remote Operating Vehicles (ROV) or divers.

Scope of Services

  • Rigless Plug and Abandonment Unit
  • Pull out Tubing
  • Cold cutting services
  • Wireline Fishing

  • Full slot well recovery
  • Bride plug Tubing
  • BHA Fishing
  • Storm retrieval packer

  • Cementing plug/ Balance Tubing/ Retainer
  • Tubing cut/ punch
  • Conductor retrieval

Our P&A Experiences

P&A Integrated Services

P&A Integrated Services

EEST Energy & EMAS Energy Plug and Abandonment Unit at Offshore Platform

Why EMAS for Plug and Abandonment?

  • EMAS Energy has plugged and abandoned more 430 wells to date.
  • Excellent Safety record  
  • In country/ region assets and crews -> Minimal mobilization/ demobilization costs 
  • In country/ region support bases and offices 
  • New and Fit for purpose equipment 
  • Powerful and various lifting force to guarantee the conductor pulling activity
  •  In-house engineering support and design -> Minimal use of third party equipment 
  • Noise attenuated equipment

P&A Integrated Services

P&A Integrated Services

P&A Integrated Services

EEST Energy & EMAS Energy P&A Unit - OFE 500

 All you need in plug and abandonment

  • Pulling unit
  • Modular crane
  • Tubular running and handling
  • BHA
  • Slickline
  • Cementing
  • Cold cutting
  • CCLF
  • ROV
  • Hot tapping

Our P&A Unit

P&A Integrated Services

Our P&A Unit

EEST Energy & EMAS Energy P&A Unit - OFE 502

 Rigless P&A Unit 

  • OFE 502
  • OFE 503
  • OFE 506

OFE 502

OFE 502, Rigless Plug and Abandonment Unit | EMAS Energy

Rigless Unit : specifications

  • 500,000 lbs. pulling force 
  • Modular construction
  • 20,000 ft.Lb. rotary head
  • 11” thru bore Rotary
  • Vertical pipe rack 
  • Integral stairway
  • Completed Fluids system with Shale shaker
  • 13-5/8” Well control package
  • Tubular handling range from 2-7/8” to 30”
  • Onshore & Offshore

OFE 506

OFE 506, Conductor Pulling Unit | EMAS Energy

200T Conductor Pulling unit


  • 400,000 lbslifting capacity
  • Limited space workability
  • Self-contained for easy both land and sea transport
  • Through bore up to 32” inches
  • Handles 2-3/8” to 30” O.D. pipe, casing and conductor
  • 3.5 Ton Tong Pole with 5.5” to 14” Power tong capacity 
  • 5,000 to 22,000 ft-lb range of torque capabilities
  • Self-skidding, pipe laydown/ handling and Quick Jack features
  • 11” to 13-5/8” 5K BOP stack and configuration
  • Quick pipe working with hydraulic Power Tong.
  • Fast rig up/ rig down with small component
  • Guidewire less

Integrated Services

Tubular Running Services (TRS)

Tubular Running Services (TRS)

Tubular Running Services (TRS)

Tubular Running Services (TRS) | EMAS Energy

Slickline Operations

Tubular Running Services (TRS)

Tubular Running Services (TRS)

Slickline Unit | EMAS Energy




Continuous Mixing Unit (CMU) - Multi Services Department | EMAS Energy

  • Continuous Mixing Unit  (CMU) 




EMAS Laboratory

  •  Cement Testing Laboratory 

90 Tons Modular Crane

90 Tons Modular Crane, Plug and Abandonment Integrated Services | EMAS Energy + Triyards

Modular Crane Pedestal System

  • The lifting capacity (90 tonnes) allows the installation of modules and components outside the reach of the platform crane. Alternatively offshore contractors used expensive crane vessels to install these modules.
  • With such a lift, the first few meters are critical. The waves move the vessel up and down, a movement which is independent from the lifting configuration on the platform.
  • The winches are operated by diesel hydraulic power pack, making the lifting configuration independent from the offshore platform utilities. The footprint of the lifting configuration is flexible.
  • The loads during the lifting operation can be introduced into the strong points of the platform by altering the base frame or directed to master skid beam. The EMAS engineers have standardized the footprint arrangement for quick mobilization.
  • With state of art EMAS Energy designed extension deck able to install on top main modular crane beam which provides usable are for maximize platform space while working with the Rigless unit.

Cold Cutting Equipment

Cold Cutting Equipment , Plug and Abandonment | EMAS Energy

Dual Pin Drill is designed to drill holes up to 4-1/2" in diameter. Drilling depth is

limited to the feed travel of the drill and length of tooling. After the Dual Pin Drill is

properly mounted on the tubular member, the drills can be operated one at a time

or jointly. Each pin drill spindle motor and feed motor is operated separately to

provide for individual and precise cutting tool loads.


  • Large hole diameter
  • Variable speed hydraulic drive (250 RPM max)
  • Max 15 GPM @ 1500 PSI (spindle drive)
  • 5 GPM @ 1500 PSI (auto feed)
  • Hydraulic auto feed (0 - 0.56”/min)
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Sealed for use in up to 350 feet of seawater
  • Versatile mounting configurations

Wachs Goliath Guillotine has been designed to cold cut 16” to 32” (406-813mm) pipe of all materials, as well as solids, and multi-stranded casing strings. Along with its durable sub-sea

design, Goliath provides easy set up and fast accurate cuts.

Conductor Cutting & Laydown Frame (CCLF)

Conductor Cutting Laydown Frame, P&A | EMAS Energy

The CCLF will work in conjunction with a casing jack and hydraulic cutter so that when the conductor gets pulled from a depleted well, the conductor can be suspended from the CCLF which will securely hold the conductor while it is being cut in to a manageable length. Once cut, the conductor is safely placed in the horizontal position to allow for slings to be fitted and for a crane to remove the cut section, safely.


  • It hydraulically folds to a smaller footprint for shipping.
  • It hydraulically rigs up.
  • It has a hydraulic gripper/ centralizer
  • It has a set of hydraulic slips to set the cut section in
  • It has a tension table to prevent the cut section dropping on top of the cut blade and breaking it.
  • It has a safe working load rating to be able to handle long cut lengths

Remotely Operate Vehicle (ROV)

ROV - Plug and Abandon Integrated Services | EMAS Energy

Workclass ROV

  • Triton XLS
  • Triton XLX

Inspection class ROV

The Inspection Class ROV system incorporates an enhanced propulsion system allowing it to continue working in high current conditions when other systems have to return to surface, providing a customer benefit of reduced vessel time and costs.

Now fitted with sub-CAN control software the Inspection ROV features a small diameter tether and high output brushless DC thrusters operating on Sub-Atlantic’s ‘Dynamic Vector-ing™ system.

  • Comes with three or six simultaneous video channels transmitted through a fiber-optic telemetry system
  • Equipped with additional power sources for attachment of manipulator and tools
  • Uses a 3000 Volt, 400 Hz power transmission system from surface to ROV resulting in a small tether, main lift cable and launch & recovery system.

Hot Tap Services

Hot tap - Plug and Abandonment Integrated Services | EMAS Energy

This service provides a safe process of controllable drill into a pressure-containing equipment. Examples of such event would be:

  • Stuck valves in Xmas tree, drilling out the valves to run and set BPV (Back pressure valve) to allow the tree to be changed
  • Drilling Drill pipe or Completion tubular that has trapped pressure between plug or sand bridges
  • Drilling Annular valves which are seized to allow the pressure to be bled off and install a new valve
  • Drilling into flowlines to change out a damaged section without the need to stop the flow

Required Equipment:

  • Hot Tap
  • Pressure pump
  • Gauge
  • Chart Recorder (optional)
  • Drill bit
  • ‘T’ piece
  • Valves
  • Power pack or Compressor ( for large units)
  • A mean of attaching the unit to the valves or pipe to be drilled