Our Services

We are a global offshore contractor and service provider with an extensive offering of well intervention and modular rigless plug and abandonment and a team of experienced operators trained on a range of multi-discipline applications.


EEST Energy has a dynamic approach to each project that builds on our experience solving problems offshore and onshore. The project’s challenges may require drawing on our extensive inventory approving equipment. Or, if needed, we can design equipment that suits specific operators’ applications and challenging environments. 

EEST Energy exclusively uses certified equipment and has an excellent safety record running at 1 million man-hours incident-free and more than 614 days incident-free with 343 workers. Through our team’s hard work and dedication, EEST Energy is your comprehensive service and equipment provider, delivering safe and efficient operations to our customers.

Plug and Abandonment

EEST Energy has performed more than 100 plug and abandonments without incident and within budget. We supply more than 90% of all required equipment, including the downhole and surface cutters, cemetery retainers, cement recipes, chemicals, pumping and slickline units.

We commonly design and fabricate fit for purpose rigless plug and abandonment units and utilise cold cutting units, which are unique in Southeast Asia.

Hydraulic Workover

Well interventions are a critical part of well maintenance. We have a track record of performing safe and efficient workovers both offshore and onshore.

We draw on our own diverse free of hydraulic workover units and our truck-mounted workover rigs. Each of our workover units is supported by our own VOPs, power tongs, work strings, pumping units, tanks, and downhole tools. We provide 95% of all equipment required to perform any well workover.


EEST Energy is an approving and knowledgeable partner for equipment and services in your pumping operations. Our equipment has been used to pump cement, acid, produce water for water injection and disposal, sludge disposal, well and annulus pressure testing.

Our free-equipped laboratory supports a multi-service department that produces test results and cement recipes. Additionally, we have a large stock of chemicals that can be provided on short notice

Tubular Running

Tubular Running Services are critical while running completion to ensure the tubing tools joints have sealed when screwed together. Our TRS department provides a multitude of services utilizing power tongs and torque turn computers on drilling rigs and HWO units onshore and offshore.

The TRS department is also responsible for making and breaking completion, BHA (Bottom hole assembly) and angular assembly service utilizing our free different size of bucking units. This complements the wellhead maintenance function they perform. And, the final process is pressure tested in our purpose-built underground pressure testing facility.

Well Intervention

EEST Energy has constantly expanded our services to serve our clients better. Recently introduced slickline equipment complements our workover and P&A operations and provides standalone slickline functions for raising and lowering downhole tools.

The modern zone 2 radio tune is small and compact, so crew boats can move around. This makes Summerlin deal solutions for small satellite offshore oil and gas situations. Another recently added service is our hot tapping and gauge valve drilling ability. These services perform should you have trapped pressure in a tubular or behind a gauge valve for the stuck closed. Drilling into a tubular or valve safely releases pressure to allow for the valve to be replaced or the tubular to be removed.

Pipeline and Process

EEST Energy’s PPS department provides a full range of services to the pipeline and process plant construction industries, including commissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning. Whether the project is onshore or offshore, we can provide flooding, pigging, testing, mercury decontamination, tank cleaning, nitrogen purging and helium leak detecting, flange management, and bolt tensioning operations.

We have an impressive tracked record of tackling some of the most challenging projects, such as decommissioning a subsea pipeline or repairing a subsea valve

Why EEST Energy Services

Turnkey Solution and maximize client benefits

Our extensive facilities in Sattahip and Songkhla Thailand support all of our services. From this base, we can provide highly trained professionals to meet the demand of any size project, from planning and design to completion. Sattahip also offers a comprehensive store held of equipment and consumables for onshore and offshore operations, and most important, safety in addition to our QA and QC.